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I have stayed nude for 4 days straight

11 Sep

Since I been a kid, I have been a nudist.. Well, this week I was off work, Its summer, its even hot in my house. Since last Friday morning I have not wore anything except for when a buddy of mine came over for a few, then when I had to go grocery shopping thursday night, and then friday morning I had to leave the house for an hour. But each of those times as soon as I got back home, I got naked. So since Friday 9 Am I have been nude, and not put anything on even for a second. This feeling is great. I feel free. I hate to wear clothes.. And this weekend I have NO laundry either because I been nude the whole time.

Now I have plenty of bug bites on my ass. I never felt the bugs biting my ass. Oh well.

you can look at my ass where I am nude on the road and see all them bug bites.  Just the freedom of not wearing anything. I have nothing to be ashamed of, Even though I have gained a bit of fat the past 3 months. I plan to loose it as soon as possible.