I am a nudist

30 Jul


Ever since I was 13 years old, I always loved to be naked. One day I woke up, and decided I wanted to be naked. I never done it around my family, Never even took my shirt off infront of my family. In my bedroom I would take all my clothes off, and sleep nude.

During my mid teenage years I would go swimming naked at the lake in my neighborhood infront of others, and I never cared what they thought. I felt comfortable and not out of place.

As I got older I started going to nude resorts. They were neat for many years until the wrong kind of people started going to them. I still go but rarely I go, I love to stay nude at home, walk my yard nude, and at night no worries of anyone seeing me nude and I get in legal trouble for it.

Sad thing is I have no one to enjoy it with. I would love to have a female friend or two who would enjoy it, But I do not, So I do not hold back or wait for anyone or anything. Summer time why wear clothes?

Some people might think I am strange or weird, But I do not give a damn.




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