Some people can be evil and stupid

3 Jul

I do not know where to start. For so many years I had a step dad from 1988 – 2005 after my mother’s death. He would treat me like shit, tell me what I can or can not do, was very strict on me, and controlled my life until the end.

After my mother died, he was out of my sisters and my life for good. Things looked good until 2006 after I got some money from a car wreck. First thing my sisters controlled me, trying to tell me what to do with that money. Yes they got some of it, Long story on this one.

Well, things were a bit shaky for a few years with me and my sisters. I started growing up, and coming to my senses, and realizing the real world, and understanding that I am NOT a child, so I started making up my own decisions for my life and what I can do with my life, and what I should do. Me and my sisters still got along UNTIL.

2010 when this cousin of ours up in New Jersey came back into our lives. He separated me from my sisters by all his lies. He told me in an email that he is going to destroy me, and ruin my life. What ever I thought. He done so much to me that I felt a small jolt in my life. He started telling lies to my sisters, running his mouth, telling them lies about me.

He some how got both of my sisters on his side, and both turned against me. He wanted my Social Security number, and my drivers license number, So he asked my younger sister to get it for him. She agreed !  She sent me a text one day telling me she needed my Social Security Number, and Drivers License number because her and her girlfriend were going to put a “life Insurance Policy” on me. She had all intentions to give him my information. He tried getting me in legal trouble by going to the police up there, and filing false reports about me, Both sisters encouraged me to go up there, 1,200 mile drive up north, and I live in the south to go to court.

So later on in the future, I came into my senses even more. I realized what both sisters were doing to me. So the one, I told her five years ago to get out of my life for good, we are NO longer brother and sister. The younger sister now was trying to act like “The Boss” towards me, controlling me, telling me what to do. It only worked short term until I came even more into my senses. Eventually she realized she could NOT control me anymore, So she pretty much was rude to me on line, calling me a liar, and other shit names. Two years ago I put her out of my life for good. We are no longer brother and sister.

Ever since we were kids, the youngest sister always got me in trouble by my mom, and now these days, she is trying her self to get me in legal trouble for no reason, and trying to ruin my life, and get me put in prison for good. Even though I ditched her out of my life for good, she still is reading my posts on social media using her friends profiles to read what I post, and try know my business.

I am the kind of person when I say I am going to do something, I will do it, and I mean it. There is not any U-turns in life, it is a one way street. When I ditch someone, that is it ! I wont go back. I will never talk to them again, and I will NOT change my mind.100_0934


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